Siembra's Story

Siembra Studio was founded by artist and educator Amanda Martinez in 2020. Combining imaginative crafting methods and Latinamerican spirit, the earrings created at Siembra Studio aim to bridge connections between the maker, the wearer and the world. Each pair is thoughtfully and lovingly crafted by hand in her Bronx-based studio and are inspired by the elements that bring us closer together.

Siembra Studio is also committed to social impact through a partnership with El Nino Rey Ministry, a school in rural Dominican Republic that provides Dominican and Haitian families access to education, healthcare services, and employment opportunities. Your purchases help fund resources and services for the community. Find out more!


Meet the Maker

Dominican-American artist Amanda Martinez received her Bachelor's degree in Art History and teaches Visual Arts in The Bronx. She has worked in art galleries, most notably with Marina Abramovic in her 2014 performance piece Generator.  When she isn't making messes with kids or in her studio trying something new, she is on adventures with her husband and son. 

Photograph courtesy of Ariella Mena, 2021.